Children’s Service: Autism Awareness Week 30th March-5th April 2020

Post date: Apr 01, 2020 11:24:21 AM

To celebrate Autism Awareness week we will be uploading useful information several topics all week. If anyone would like to send me information to share/contribute just email and

Monday 30th March

Understanding Autism:-Information sharing for all the family. Explaining Autism to children.

Tuesday 31st March

Autism & Girls:-Information sharing well known women with a diagnosis of ASC.

Wednesday 1st April

Behaviour:-What causes behaviour? Strategies and crisis/support plans. ABC charts & the Iceberg.

Thursday 2nd April

Celebrating Autism:-Share positive stories & share information about famous autistic people.

Friday 3rd April

Communication:-Strategies to try. Visual timetables & social stories.

Saturday 4th April

Sensory:-What is sensory processing? How are we all coping staying in isolation?

Sunday 5th April

PDA & Anxiety:-What is PDA? How are we all coping anxiety wise? Strategies available.